How to Avoid scams and Be Able to Trust Your Cleaning Company

As a homeowner and/or business owner, you have probably considered getting your air ducts cleaned, right? Or perhaps you already have and understandably, you have put your trust in the hands of the experts.

The EPA gave an estimate that 20 – 40 percent of homes have dirty air ducts and recommend getting them serviced regularly.

Well, trusting the experts should come without doubt or worry but unfortunately, not all who claim to be an expert truly are. And some may try to cut costs on their end which could possibly be putting you, your family or your business at a higher risk.

Have you seen the talk around posts on Facebook that turn out to be scams?  Be very wary of any of these posts/advertisements. While some may be legitimate, these scammers are very good at what they do. At Royal Vent Cleaning, we have heard some horror stories and suggest looking for these signs in any post of this nature.

  • They recently created their Facebook account and/or joined the group.
  • Their Username does not match their Profile name.
  • The name of their company is not given in the post.
  • You cannot locate their company name on Google.
  • If they only ask you to “Text” the phone number they provide.
  • They are unable to provide you with any identification.

So even if the so-called deal they are offering sounds great, at the very minimum keep an eye out for any of the above signs.

The main question is:  How do you know you are in good hands and can leave the care to the experts? At Royal Vent Cleaning here on Long Island, NY, you can rely on us for honest and thorough work because we value you and your home just as you do.

Whomever you choose to perform the cleaning at your home or business, we would like to point out some key things to consider and ask about to ensure you will get the service you expect and deserve.

  1. What equipment is being used? Professional companies should be using up to date equipment such as: Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Thermometers, Filters, Brushes, and High Velocity Air Tools.
  2. What experience and certifications do they have?  Ask for referrals. Don’t be shy!  Ask for them.
  3. Ask for copies of all state registrations.
  4. Make sure they are insured.
  5. Be aware of the dangers that can arise with air duct cleaning if not  done properly.
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals such as mold spores and asbestos fibers. Breathing these pollutants in should be avoided at all costs.
  • If not cleaned properly unbeknownst to you, dirty air ducts can absolutely be a fire hazard.
  1. What to expect. It’s good to have even a layman’s understanding:
  • A full inspection of the entire system
  • Professionally purging gas lines if needed
  • Cleaning coils
  • Sanitizing the system
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Deep cleaning all ducts
  • And of course more but this is a good starting point.

We don’t want to scare you. We just want to make you aware.

And there is good news!

You can most definitely protect yourself from scams.  Before getting a quote, ask questions such as:

  • What equipment will be used?
  • How long will it take?
  • Is there anything toxic about this process?

Reach out to us at Royal Vent Cleaning.  We will be happy to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.  There is nothing more important to us than our word and your trust.


What Is the Best Time of Year for HVAC Cleaning in Long Beach?

You know it’s time to invest in HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. Your system is giving off a musty smell, or it may not be working quite as efficiently as it used to be. It’s not a problem with the system overall, but a problem with the vents.

Is now a good time to get the system cleaned out? Is there a specific time of year when you should look at HVAC cleaning? Here’s what you need to know about cleaning out the system.

Spring and Fall Are the Best Seasons

You can get HVAC cleaning in Long Beach any time of the year. However, the best two times of the year are when you’re not using the system all that frequently. You’ll want to look at cleaning in the spring or the fall.

You’ll use the AC a lot in the summer, which can contribute to more problems in the vents. You want to be ready for the winter use, so you’ll use the fall to do a lot of cleaning.

Likewise, in the winter, you’ll use the system a lot to keep the heat warm. It’s actually more important to have a warm house in the winter than a cool house in the summer as there’s the risk of pipes freezing and bursting. So, the spring is a good time to year to get someone in to make sure your HVAC vents are cleared.

It does seem like now there is no spring or fall. Doesn’t it seem like we go straight from summer to winter and vice versa? This can make it a little harder to find the best time of year for HVAC cleaning in Long Beach.

When You Notice a Change to the Smell

You don’t have to wait for the fall or spring, though. You can get the cleaning done at any point in the year. You’ll just have to put up with not using the system for a day or so while the cleaning happens. This isn’t going to cause too much discomfort.

If you turn your system on and experience a musty smell, it’s a sign that there is something in the vents. You may only get the smell in one room, or you may experience it all around the house. This will depend on how the vents are set up and where the worst of the debris is.

You’ll want to get someone in right away, especially if the smell suddenly happens or gets worse. It’s best to get the debris cleared out. Not only is this better for the efficiency of your system, but you’ll also find it much better for the overall health of your home and family.

There is no “perfect” time to opt for HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. Spring and fall are great times because there’s less of a need for the system to be used. However, you’ll want to get the system looked at as soon as you notice a change in the smell. This is something you should do every three to five years to keep your HVAC system in full working order.

Will Having HVAC Cleaning in Freeport Done Help to Save Money?

If you’re looking into improving the air quality in your home, you’ve likely heard about HVAC cleaning in Freeport. The problem is the cost. You’re just not ready to spend money on something you may not necessarily need.

Stop right there! HVAC cleaning is more of an investment into your home than a cost. It’s something that should be done every three to five years, and you will start seeing the investment coming back almost immediately (depending on the time of year you have it done). Here’s why you’ll save money by getting HVAC cleaning done.

Improve the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

The biggest financial reason to get HVAC cleaning in Freeport done is for efficiency. Your whole system will work much better when you get rid of the dust, pet hair, and other debris clogging the vents and the filters. When the system works more efficiently, it will end up using less power to do the same thing that it used to do.

You’ll find that cooler air in the summer spreads around the house much faster. In the winter, the heat will get to more spaces of the home much easier. The amount of time the system needs to be on is reduced, which means you save money on the running of the entire system. Therefore, you end up saving money in the long-term.

We say it will depend on the time of year the HVAC cleaning in Freeport is done purely because you might not need to use the system right away. If you get it done in, say, April or October, there are chances that it’s not hot or cold enough to use the system. You’ll see the benefits during the seasons the system is constantly in use.

You’ll Spend Less Money on Allergen Medication

Do you need to take allergy medications on a regular basis? If this is the case, you’ll want to look into getting NVAC cleaning in Freeport done immediately. You’ll find another way of saving money. Of course, this will depend on the exact allergy and where it’s coming from.

Blocked vents and filters can lead to some health problems. You end up with dust and pet dander spreading around the house much more frequently. This can cause problems for people with allergies. Even if you don’t have allergies, you can find that you develop them or have some symptoms.

By cleaning out the entire system, you get rid of the allergens that are spreading around the home. Without them there, you don’t need to use the allergy medication as frequently. Even when the system is turned off, you don’t have the allergens trapped around the outside of the vents causing problems. You’ll save money on the medications and feel much healthier in your home.

It’s time to make an investment into HVAC cleaning in Freeport. It’s one of the best things you can get done in your home, and you only need to do it every three to five years.

Can Lack of Duct Cleaning in Oceanside Make You Sick?

Did you know your home can make you sick? Lack of maintenance in certain areas of the home is a problem, and lack of duct cleaning in Oceanside is one of the problems.

There are different ways lack of duct cleaning affects your health. You may have some breathing problems, or maybe you’re seeing rashes and eczema on your skin. It’s time to maintain your home for the health of the whole family.

What’s Hiding in Your Vents?

If you took a look inside your vents and ducts, you’ll find a lot of reasons they’re making you sick. Dust and dust mites collect in this part of the home. The dust is collected from the house and spreads via the ducts. You deal with the dust in parts of your home through dusting and vacuuming, but what about getting into the vents to take care of the problem there?

You can also find pollen, pet danger, mold, fungi, and rodents or insects inside. Small creatures will leave their feces behind, and if they die in there, you end up with their remains to deal with. This can all lead to bacteria and viruses spreading around the home. And if you smoke or use other chemicals, you’ll end up with them getting into your vents and ducts.

Regular maintenance with duct cleaning in Oceanside will help to manage this problem. You’ll get the vents cleaned out regularly to prevent them spreading problems around the home

What Illnesses Does Lack of Duct Cleaning in Oceanside Cause?

There are all sorts of problems that can happen, and you may not even realize at first. Maybe you already have asthma. This is going to be made worse when you don’t get your ducts cleaned out. You can also find allergy symptoms are worse, especially if you have an allergy to pet dander or pollen, which will collect in the ducts.

People also experience chronic coughing, sneezing, and sore throats. This is due to the bacteria and viruses that can end up spreading. You’re not getting the good air quality in your home.

Sometimes, you just feel lethargic or have this “unwell” feeling. The problems are worse when you’re at home, and it’s not because you’re being lazy. It’s because it’s your home making you sick.

You can get general sicknesses more often. Maybe you always seem to have a cold. This could be because your vents are making you sicker than you should be.

Get a Professional to Clean the Ducts

You want to get a professional in when it comes to duct cleaning in Oceanside. Sure, it’s going to be an extra cost, but it’s more of an investment into your health.

A professional will make sure the ducts are fully cleaned and sanitized. This reduces the risk of bacteria and viruses spreading around your house. If there are any feces or remains of animals, the professionals will be able to deal with the situation fully. This involves more than just removing the remains. There’s a sanitization process to follow.

It’s time to focus on maintenance around your home, including duct cleaning in Oceanside. You’ll find your health improves by opting for this.

How Long Does HVAC Cleaning in Long Beach Take?

You’ve decided to book for HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. Or maybe you’re just looking into it to make sure your home is as healthy as possible. It’s certainly worth the money, especially if you have illnesses or allergies in the house that you can’t explain.

Now you need to make sure you are away from the professionals for the right amount of time. If you have animals in the house, you’ll need to know how long to be away from any chemicals and products used. Just how long will HVAC cleaning take?

It’s Going to Depend on the Age of the Home

Some of it will depend on the age of the home. Older homes tend to have more intricate systems. You may have even recently moved into a home that hasn’t had HVAC cleaning in Long Beach done ever, which means there is more to clear out. It’s going to take a few hours to be able to get this done.

Newer homes don’t have as much work. There won’t be as much buildup, and you’ll find that the systems aren’t as intricate to work around some older materials that people didn’t want to get rid of. The systems are designed for easier cleaning. In this case, you could find cleaning is done in around two to four hours.

HVAC Cleaning in Long Beach with Pets

If you have pets, the whole cleaning process is going to take a lot longer. Pet hair and dander will spread around the house. It doesn’t matter how often you’ll clean. The pet hair will get into the vents and then spread around the whole home as the air and heat turn on.

It’s important to get the cleaning done more frequently if you have pets. This will help the process take a shorter amount of time. However, if it’s the first time ever, you’ll possibly find that it takes four to eight hours.

In most cases, you can get away with getting your air ducts cleaned every five to eight years. If you have pets, you’ll want to go with the earlier time frame to keep the time to a minimum. The good news is you can get your pets back into the home as soon as cleaning is done as harmful chemicals won’t be used. The only time a product is used is if you need an anti-microbial product due to mold issues. However, this isn’t toxic.

Clean Up Time Is Minimal

Many people worry about the time to clean up after the HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. This is minimal. There is no need to do any drilling or a lot of work on the HVAC system. Cleaning is all about getting rid of what’s inside the ducts.

So, you’ll be able to get straight back into your home once the professionals are done. There is no mess left behind for you to deal with.

If you’re worried about the time it will take, talk to the professionals you’re hiring for HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. Get them to give you an estimate based on your family and home size, makeup, and needs.