How Long Does HVAC Cleaning in Long Beach Take?

You’ve decided to book for HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. Or maybe you’re just looking into it to make sure your home is as healthy as possible. It’s certainly worth the money, especially if you have illnesses or allergies in the house that you can’t explain.

Now you need to make sure you are away from the professionals for the right amount of time. If you have animals in the house, you’ll need to know how long to be away from any chemicals and products used. Just how long will HVAC cleaning take?

It’s Going to Depend on the Age of the Home

Some of it will depend on the age of the home. Older homes tend to have more intricate systems. You may have even recently moved into a home that hasn’t had HVAC cleaning in Long Beach done ever, which means there is more to clear out. It’s going to take a few hours to be able to get this done.

Newer homes don’t have as much work. There won’t be as much buildup, and you’ll find that the systems aren’t as intricate to work around some older materials that people didn’t want to get rid of. The systems are designed for easier cleaning. In this case, you could find cleaning is done in around two to four hours.

HVAC Cleaning in Long Beach with Pets

If you have pets, the whole cleaning process is going to take a lot longer. Pet hair and dander will spread around the house. It doesn’t matter how often you’ll clean. The pet hair will get into the vents and then spread around the whole home as the air and heat turn on.

It’s important to get the cleaning done more frequently if you have pets. This will help the process take a shorter amount of time. However, if it’s the first time ever, you’ll possibly find that it takes four to eight hours.

In most cases, you can get away with getting your air ducts cleaned every five to eight years. If you have pets, you’ll want to go with the earlier time frame to keep the time to a minimum. The good news is you can get your pets back into the home as soon as cleaning is done as harmful chemicals won’t be used. The only time a product is used is if you need an anti-microbial product due to mold issues. However, this isn’t toxic.

Clean Up Time Is Minimal

Many people worry about the time to clean up after the HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. This is minimal. There is no need to do any drilling or a lot of work on the HVAC system. Cleaning is all about getting rid of what’s inside the ducts.

So, you’ll be able to get straight back into your home once the professionals are done. There is no mess left behind for you to deal with.

If you’re worried about the time it will take, talk to the professionals you’re hiring for HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. Get them to give you an estimate based on your family and home size, makeup, and needs.