Merrick Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is important to clean your dryer vent before it is full and becomes clogged. A clogged vent can cause the dryer to run much hotter an possibly cause a fire. We pride ourselves on the quality of the cleaning performed. We don’t simply clean the end caps, but perform an end to end line cleaning, even when portions of the line are completely clogged. We also inspect the line visually to ensure that there are no rips / tears or wear that would prevent the line from performing as it should..

Merrick Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning is very important part of maintaining your home or workplace . Dust & dirt will accumulate in the ducts. Factors that will increase the need for a cleaning are pets. smoking, people with allergies or asthma, construction. We will clean all the components of your HVAC System including the all the vents in the house, the air handler and the ducts.

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Cleaning the Dryer Vents at a Residence

Cleaning the Air Ducts at a Gym

We service Nassau County including Merrick.
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