What Is the Best Time of Year for HVAC Cleaning in Long Beach?

You know it’s time to invest in HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. Your system is giving off a musty smell, or it may not be working quite as efficiently as it used to be. It’s not a problem with the system overall, but a problem with the vents.

Is now a good time to get the system cleaned out? Is there a specific time of year when you should look at HVAC cleaning? Here’s what you need to know about cleaning out the system.

Spring and Fall Are the Best Seasons

You can get HVAC cleaning in Long Beach any time of the year. However, the best two times of the year are when you’re not using the system all that frequently. You’ll want to look at cleaning in the spring or the fall.

You’ll use the AC a lot in the summer, which can contribute to more problems in the vents. You want to be ready for the winter use, so you’ll use the fall to do a lot of cleaning.

Likewise, in the winter, you’ll use the system a lot to keep the heat warm. It’s actually more important to have a warm house in the winter than a cool house in the summer as there’s the risk of pipes freezing and bursting. So, the spring is a good time to year to get someone in to make sure your HVAC vents are cleared.

It does seem like now there is no spring or fall. Doesn’t it seem like we go straight from summer to winter and vice versa? This can make it a little harder to find the best time of year for HVAC cleaning in Long Beach.

When You Notice a Change to the Smell

You don’t have to wait for the fall or spring, though. You can get the cleaning done at any point in the year. You’ll just have to put up with not using the system for a day or so while the cleaning happens. This isn’t going to cause too much discomfort.

If you turn your system on and experience a musty smell, it’s a sign that there is something in the vents. You may only get the smell in one room, or you may experience it all around the house. This will depend on how the vents are set up and where the worst of the debris is.

You’ll want to get someone in right away, especially if the smell suddenly happens or gets worse. It’s best to get the debris cleared out. Not only is this better for the efficiency of your system, but you’ll also find it much better for the overall health of your home and family.

There is no “perfect” time to opt for HVAC cleaning in Long Beach. Spring and fall are great times because there’s less of a need for the system to be used. However, you’ll want to get the system looked at as soon as you notice a change in the smell. This is something you should do every three to five years to keep your HVAC system in full working order.