Will Dryer Vent Cleaning in Garden City Improve Your Clothes’ Smell?

You’re putting your clothes in the dryer smelling fresh. The problem when they come out is they have a musty scent to them. You haven’t left the clothes damp for too long, so all you can assume is that it’s something in your dryer. It could be time for dryer vent cleaning in Garden City.

One of the most common signs of it being time for dryer vent cleaning is your clothes taking too long to dry. However, the smell on the clothes could be an earlier sign that a lot of people don’t tend to pay attention to—often thinking that it’s the detergent or dryer sheets.

Will cleaning the dryer vents improve the smell of your clothes? Here’s why it certainly could.

Remove the Blockage in the Vents

Dryer vent cleaning in Garden City gets into the vents from the dryer that lead to the outside. This is where a lot of lint builds up. You remove the lint from the lint trap all the time, but what about from the vents to the outside of the home?

If you allow the lint to build up here, you run the risk of it causing blockages. The moisture from the clothes doesn’t have anywhere to escape to (the outside), so you end up with it getting trapped in the lint within the vents. This then builds up into a smell, which is passed back into the dryer.

The smell then ends up on your clothes. You’ll also find that there’s a moist smell within the laundry room because of the buildup within the vents. The best thing to do is to get someone into the vents to get them all out.

You’ll Improve Drying Time with Dryer Vent Cleaning in Garden City

It’s not just about the musty smell on your clothes. You may find that you now need to put your clothes through the dryer twice to get them completely dry. This is a sign that there’s a problem within the vents.

Remember that it’s all about the moisture in the vents. That needs to escape to help get the clothes dry, but the lint buildup is preventing that from happening. So, you need to get rid of the reason for the moisture not escaping.

If you don’t get rid of the lint, you end up with moisture remaining in your clothes. It then takes another cycle in the dryer, which wastes your energy bills and will cause some problems for your whole dryer system. You’ll find that the dryer gets hotter than it should, becoming a fire risk. Wouldn’t you prefer to just deal with the reason for all this?

It’s time to look at problems with your dryer. These problems don’t mean expensive fixes to the machinery. You could just need dryer vent cleaning in Garden City. If your clothes have a musty smell and are starting to take longer to dry than they should, your vents are likely the problem and a professional will help to fix that issue.